How to Choose the Best eCommerce Platforms

There’s a lot of eCommerce platform and online business owners need to be rigorous in choosing an app to sell online. Ease of use, scalability, and functionality are only among the many factors to consider when you have to decide what eCommerce platform to use.

A recent survey among 48 eCommerce experts revealed what app they use to sell online and the reason why they prefer such platform over the others.

  1. Woocommerce is the top choice of eCommerce expert as a platform to sell online. They prefer the flexibility of Woocommerce being an open-source over the predictability of other eCommerce platforms in terms of themes and functionality. It also doesn’t hurt that Woocommerce works well with WordPress that is also a cult favorite among web experts.
  2. View Magento theme
  3. Magento is another favorite online business app. It is preferred over other app used to sell online because of its scalability and a wide offering of plugins for additional functionalities. The online business platform also offers management of multiple stores, ads and event, and SEO.
  4. Shopify is also a popular choice among eCommerce experts. They picked Shopify for its functionality and ease of use. There are also a number of apps which can be integrated to expand the functionality of the platform. Shopify also won designers and developers alike because it is easy to learn and maintain.
  5. Another eCommerce platform on the list is Joomla. According to experts, using Joomla to sell online presents the business owner or the developer with so many options to choose from. It has almost 8000 extensions available to use to integrate more features into the site.
  6. Built for business owners who have digital products to sell online, Get Me A Download is also a favorite among eCommerce platforms because it’s a one-stop solution with its various add-on and still light on the pocket.
  7. How to Sell Clothes Online

There are, indeed, a lot to choose from and it’s good to know what the experts think about each leading eCommerce platforms.  We do have to take note that what works for them may not necessarily for you especially if you are not that adept with the technicalities of setting up an online business. Ecommerce business

However, if you think that you do need the help of a developer or designer and you do have a budget, then go ahead. It is understandable, anyway, that as an online business owner, you already have a lot on your plate. But for those who want to build the site on their own and those who are working within a set budget, most of the platforms mentioned above are user-friendly and can be customized without the need for the assistance of an expert.

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